The special guests of the conference will be:

prof. Joseph H. H. Weiler (New York University), an American lawyer, an eminent specialist in the field of constitutional, international and EU law. Selected publications: Un’Europa Cristiana: Un saggio esplorativo (Milano, 2003), European Constitutionalism Beyond the State (Cambridge , 2003), Integration in an Expanding European Union: Reassessing the Fundamentals (Blackwell Publishing, 2003), The Constitution of Europe – do the New Clothes have an Emperor? (Cambridge University Press, 1998), The European Court of Justice. Edited with Gráinne de Búrca, (Oxford University Press, 2001).


prof. Fabio Petito (University of Sussex), the Director of the Freedom of Religion or Belief and Foreign Policy Initiative at the University of Sussex, a scientist specializing in research on the influence of the religious factor on international relations. Selected publications: (F. Petito, L. Mavelli) Towards a postsecular international politics: new forms of community, identity, and power (New York 2014), (F. Petito, F. Mazzei, R. Marchetti), Manuale di Politica Internazionale (Milano 2010), Religions in the global world: prospects for Sophia Global Studies (Journal of Dialogue and Culture 7/2018), Dialogue of civilizations in a multipolar world: toward a multicivilizational-multiplex world order (International Studies Review 1/2016).